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Our valuable services include:

  • Water Damage: This is the type of damage that arises from internal malfunctions such as pipe bursts, sewage backflows, shower or tap malfunction, basement flooding, and roof leaks. Calling for a clean-up expert would prove to be helpful in this situation.

  • Storm Damage: This is the type of damage that arises from natural factors such as river overflow, cloudburst, tsunami, cyclone, storms or extreme rainfall. This is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention so as to prevent further loss.

  • Fire Damage: When a fire breaks out at your property it may lead to a loss that may affect you badly. But when contacted, our team will do whatever we can to bring your life and peace of mind back on track.

Our team will identify the root cause of the problem, repair it, before moving on to the cleaning process. What would follow is an assessment of the damage and cost estimation, drawing out of the accumulated excess water, drying process, mold remediation, odor removal and finally replacing items that have been completely damaged.

Our team would help you cope up with the loss by first assessing the damage and drawing out cost estimations. After that our team will draw out excess water from the property, conduct a complete drying process, and clean the carpets, upholstery, and tiles, mold remediation, odor removal and finally replace and restore whatever is possible.

Our team would start with an assessment of the damage and cost estimation. After that, they’ll move on with smoke and soot removal, mold remediation, odor removal, replacement and restoring of items, and repainting and reconstructing the damaged property.

We will also help you settle claims with insurance companies in a timely manner by providing accurate loss and damage estimate reports.


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