When it comes to a complete beauty regime, you cannot afford to miss even the smallest detail. Choosing a good moisturiser is essential if you are to give your skin the nourishment it needs and keep it soft and supple. However, you need to be extremely careful while selecting a moisturiser from a physical or online store, because each brand and make has different ingredients, suitable for different skin types. While a certain moisturise might be good for your neighbour, it is not necessary that it will suit your skin too. Certain brands contain mineral oil that can be harmful for your skin. Mineral oils are available in three different grades technical and cosmetic. The former, used to lubricate equipments and engines, contains cancer causing contaminants. Although the cosmetic grade mineral oil is more refined, and does not seem to be carcinogenic, scientists have concerns about it. Therefore, you should avoid moisturisers that contain this ingredient and purchase Dermalogica moisturiser.

My skin is oily

You might have oily skin, which happens due to oily secretion of the sebaceous gland. While this provides a protective layer of oil on the surface of your skin, it poses dangers for your skin too, as it mixes with dust on the surface of your skin and in the process, clogs the pores of your skin. Apart from this, excessive humidity causes your skin to sweat and become oily. Bathing with warm water and a gentle soap removes this oil, allowing the pores of your skin to breathe. This is where the moisturiser comes in handy. You should apply it immediately after taking your bath, when your skin is wet. This provides a protective layer on your skin. The winter months are associated with harsh and cold winds that irritate the delicate skin of your hands and face (the exposed part of your body). This season also removes humidity from the atmosphere, thereby, stripping your skin of its natural moisture. You can get rid of this problem by applying one of the several types of moisturisers.

Different types available and their benefits

You should be careful when choosing a dermalogica moisturiser as each type has its own special benefits. These moisturisers are suitable both for men as well as for women.

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Active moist This oil free moisturiser improves the texture of your skin with the help of plant extracts and silk amino acids. Free of fragrance, this product also contains natural astringents such as watercress and burdock as well as calming extracts of lavender, cucumber, and lemon that provide deep hydration to your skin.

Age smart This medium weight emollient moisturiser combats free radicals, brightens your skin tone, and assists in stimulating collagen protection. It also acts like a sun protector by blocking the harsh and harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. This offering from Dermalogica is ideal for mature as well as prematurely ageing skin. Apply this moisturiser if you notice signs of ageing on your skin. It will make your skin firmer within a few days. It does not contain artificial colour or perfume.

Buy a tube of Dermalogica moisturiser, apply it for a few days, and see the positive effects it provides to your skin.